Sailing By Faith


Me:  Have you figured out how to start?

Prodigal:  I’m stoppin’ cause I’ve been doin’ nothin’ but burnin’ sunlight.

Me:  Maybe there is another way.


This is from God’s Word for Women


When we can see, it is not faith, but reasoning.  In crossing the Atlantic, we observed this very principle of faith.  We saw no path upon the sea, nor sigh of the shore.  And yet day by day we were marking our path upon the chart as exactly as if there had followed us a great chalk line upon the sea.  And when we came within twenty mile of land, we knew where we were exactly as if we had seen it all three thousand miles ahead.

How had we measured and marked our course?  Day by day our captain had taken his instruments and, looking up to the sky, had fixed his course by the sun.  He was sailing by the heavenly, not the earthly lights.

So faith looks up and sails on, by God’s great Sun, not seeing one shoreline or earthly lighthouse or path upon the way.  Often its steps seem to lead into utter uncertainty, and even darkness and disaster; but He opens the way, and often makes such midnight hours the very gates of day.  Let us go forth this day, not knowing, but trusting.

Waiting on God brings us to our journey’s end quicker than our feet.

by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman


He went out, not knowing whither he went.

Hebrews 11:8


Jennifer Van Allen

Concerning All Things


Me:  Overall I would have to say that it has been a good day!

Prodigal:  That I would have to agree with.

Me:  We can end the day in our bed’s and get some peaceful rest.


This is from the book Joy in Christ’s Presence by Charles Spurgeon


Next, these words mean rest about all things.  The person who is uneasy about anything has not found rest.  A thousand thorns and briars grow on the soil of this earth, and no man can happily walk life’s way unless his feet are “shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace” (Eph 6:15), which Jesus gives.  In Christ, we are at rest concerning our duties, for He instructs and helps us in them.  In Him, we are at rest about our trials, for He sympathizes with us in them.  With His love, we are at rest as to the movements of Providence, for His Father loves us and will not allow anything to harm us.  Concerning the past, we rest in His forgiving love.  As to the present, it is bright with His loving fellowship.  As to the future, it is brilliant with His expected coming.


Romans 13:9

For the commandments say, “You must not commit adultery.  You must not murder.  You must not steal.  You must not covet. “These and other such commandments are summed up in this one commandment:  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


Jennifer Van Allen

Burden To Be Light


Prodigal:  Did you just see that shot!

Me:  That ain’t gonna win you a blue ribbon at the dog show.

Prodigal:  Haha maybe not but I still had fun with it all.


This is from the book The Burden is Light by Eugenia Price


Self-deception is very, very heavy.

Fear is very heavy.  Worry is very heavy.

The heaviest thing of all is have no

beginning and no end.  All of life was a

burden.  A very heavy burden.

But Christ said, “My yoke is easy.  My burden is light.  Come unto me.”

I did.

And found the burden to be light!


1 Corinthians 15:57

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Jennifer Van Allen

Women Lovin’ Jesus


Me:  Always Pray first and the Lord will guide you!

Prodigal: You have another video today?

Me:  Yes, and thank you for watching!


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Proverbs 1:15

my son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths;


Jennifer Van Allen

Two Kinds of Faith


Me:  Why did your friend run off Prodigal?

Prodigal:  We all got pieces of stupid in us.  His are just bigger than most.

Me:  Maybe we should go and try to help him.

Prodigal:  I think that is a good idea.


This is from George Everett Ross

I have served in the ministry thirty years, almost thirty-one.  I have come to understand that there are two kinds of faith.  One says if and the other says though.  One says:  “If everything goes well, if my life is prosperous, if I’m happy, if no one I love dies, if I’m successful, then I will believe in God and say my prayers and go to the church and give what I can afford.”  The other says though: though the cause of evil prosper, though I sweat in Gethsemane, though I must drink my cup at Calvary–nevertheless, precisely then, I will trust the Lord who made me.  So Job cries: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust Him.”


We cannot choose another’s faith all we can do is pray for them and then choose to live our faith and continue to Praise God that though he slay me, yet will I trust Him.


1 Corinthians 15:11

Therefore whether it were I or they, so we preach, and so ye believed.


Jennifer Van Allen

Women Lovin Jesus


Prodigal:  I am here to ask you to watch another video from proverbs


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Proverbs 1:13

we will get all sorts of valuable things and fill our houses with plunder



Jennifer Van Allen

The Imitation of Christ


Me:  What is on your mind Prodigal?

Prodigal:  I am thinking about Christ.

Me:  Me too, why don’t I share about him.


This is from the book The Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis


He that followeth me, walketh not in darkness, saith the Lord.  These are the words of Christ, by which we are admonished, how we ought to imitate His life and manners, if we would truly be enlightened, and delivered from all blindness of heart.  Let therefore our chiefest endeavor be, to meditate upon the life of Jesus Christ.

The doctrine of Christ exceedeth all the doctrines of holy men; and he that hath the Spirit, will find therein the hidden manna.  But it falleth out, that many who often hear the Gospel of Christ, feel little desire after it, because they have not the Spirit of Christ.  But whosoever will fully and with relish understand the words of Christ, must endeavor to conform his life wholly to the life of Christ.


I am learning to confirm my life to your obedience LORD.  It is a constant progress and journey.  I will be still working on this a year from now.  As the journey progress though it will be filled with a love and sweetness because my relationship with you will continue to grow.


John 8:36

So if the Son set you free, you will be free indeed.


Jennifer Van Allen

You Are Known and Loved


Me:  What a nice birthday balloon!

Prodigal:  Yes, and I wanted to share a message with that balloon.


This is from the book The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller


There is an emotional “high” that comes to us when someone thinks we are so wonderful and beautiful, and that is part of what fuels the early passion and electricity of falling in love.  But the problem is–and you may be semi consciously aware of this–the person doesn’t really know you and therefore doesn’t really love you, not yet at least.  What you think of as being head over heels in love is in large part a gust of ego gratification, but it’s nothing like the profound satisfaction of being known and loved.

When over the years someone has seen you at your worst, and knows you with all your strengths and flaws, yet commits him–or herself to you wholly, it is a consummate experience.  To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial.  To be known and not loved is our greatest fear.  But to be fully known and truly loved is, well a lot like being loved by God.  It is what we need more than anything.  It liberates us from pretense, humbles us out of our self-righteousness, and fortifies us for any difficulty life can throw at us.


You are known and loved,  I know you make mistakes, but their is grace and I am so blessed that you show me the real you!  May you enjoy this day and be encouraged.


1  Corinthians 13:7

Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.


Jennifer Van Allen


Women Lovin’ Jesus


Me:  Nice cave!

Prodigal:  Thanks it reminds me of the pit that we are going to talk about.


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Proverbs 1:12


Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit.


Jennifer Van Allen