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Me: Happy Thanksgiving Prodigal!

Prodigal: Thank you, it is time for turkey and giving thanks.

Me: I love the turkey and the left overs. It is always good to give thanks. In fact I was reading Philip Yancey and he has composed a list of great prayers in the bible. The last is Paul’s prayer of thanksgiving. Let me share.

Genesis 18: Abraham’s plea for Sodom
Exodus 15: Moses’ song to the Lord.
Exodus 33: Moses meet with God.
2 Samuel 7: David’s response to God’s promises.
1 Kings 8: Solomon’s dedication of the temple.
2 Chronicles 20: Jehoshaphat prays for victory.
Ezra 9: Ezra’s prayer for the people’s sins.
Psalm 22: A cry to God for help.
Psalm 104: A prayer of praise.
Daniel 9: Daniel’s prayer for the salvation of Jerusalem.
Habakkuk 3: A prophet’s prayer of acceptance.
Matthew 6: The Lord’s prayer.
John 17: Jesus’ prayer for his disciples.
Colossians 1: Paul’s prayer of thanksgiving.

If you read the list then you will see that each of these prayers will teach something unique about prayer and is an example of a person talking to God. If you don’t have time to go over all of them today, then just save it and go through the list slowly. For tomorrow, maybe you can read Paul’s prayer to remember that all we have is due to God and God alone. I hope you all enjoy plenty of food, fellowship and football (go Carolina Panthers)

Colossian 1:12
Giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints of light.

For God’s Glory,

Jennifer Van Allen


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