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Me:  Hi Prodigal!


Prodigal:  Howdy, I found this wonderful short poem about the south.


Me:  I love it!  It is so very true


Prodigal:  I was just reading  a poem about God


Me:  I would love to hear it!


This poem is from an anonymous poet


My name is I AM.


If you live in the past,

It will be very hard,

for I am not there.

My name is not I WAS.


And if you live in the future,

It will be very hard,

For my name is not I WILL BE.

But if you live in the present,

It is not hard,

For my name is I AM.


How tough of a lesson this is to learn.  Before I was refined a lot by God, I loved to live in the future.  I had so many different plans.  I had a five year plan, one year plan, three month plan.  I had my whole life planned out and it was going to be great.  You might ask if I have those plans now.  No I do not.

God has taught me over the past couple of years to live in the present.  To have God guide me.  See if I am focused on this five year plan or one year plan then I will push Gods plan aside.  I will try to make Gods plan work with mine and put my ideas in front of Gods.  Then we never really get see Gods glory in our lives.  When our plan is first it is about us and our glory.   When we release today and tomorrow then it gives God a chance to change things.  We see God work.  We see God use us and take us places that we did not imagine.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t work.  This doesn’t mean  not to save money.  This just means we give God the right to change our plans and our timing.  Look at your schedule today.  Is the focus on what you think should be number one today or is God trying to tell you to put something else first.


Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in the mind of man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.


Jennifer Van Allen,




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