Humble Yourself


Me:  That was a nice ride!

Prodigal:  Yes, and I loved the time we spent together.

Me:  Let’s encourage each other now.


This comes from the book Paul:  A Man of Grace and Grit by Charles Swindoll


Rather than racing into the limelight, we need to accept our role in the shadows.  I’m serious here.  Don’t promote yourself.  Don’t push yourself to the front.  Don’t drop hints.  Let someone else do that.  Better yet, let God do that.

If you’re great, trust me, the word will get out.  You’ll be found…in God’s time.  If you’re necessary for the plan, God will put you in the right place just the precise time.  God’s work is not about us; it’s His production, start to finish.  So back off.  Let Him pull the curtains and turn on the stage lights.  He’ll lay hold of an Ananias or Barnabas, who’ll come and find you at your most vulnerable point and lift you over the wall.  Or He may choose you to be one of the nameless, lesser-known individuals who make the difference for someone else.  Your part, pure and simple:  Humble yourself.


And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Luke 6:41


Jennifer Van Allen

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