You’ll Live On


Prodigal:  It is a nice day!

Me:  Yes, but sometimes people can distract from the nice day!

Prodigal:  Let’s focus then, because we do not want a distraction.


If you are fought and criticized,

If you are hated and despised,

Because you stand against the wrong,

And will not travel with the throng,

Go forth with courage in your heart

To always do the noble part;

Don’t quit for what the critic said,

For you’ll live on when he is dead.


When men use dope and nicotine,

Or drink until they’re wild and mean,

Indulge in things you know are bad,

Form habits that may run them mad,

And will not heed your warning voice,

Nor make the better, wiser choice,

Look up, and do not fear nor dread,

For you’ll live on when they are dead.


When men who fight the truth and preach

And turn their back when you beseech,

Resolved to do what they desire,

Although it sinks them in the mire,

Fret not because you find it so,

As on the path of life you go;

Be happy in your heart instead,

For you’ll live on when they are dead.


When you have stood for what is clean,

Opposed the vulgar, low and mean,

And held God’s holy banner high,


For men to see, as they go by,

That they may take the upward road,

That leads to Heaven’s blest abode;

But if they will not be so led,

Then you’ll live on when they are dead.


Great men of truth and God and right

Have had opposing men to fight;

It has been so throughout the past,

And in the future days will last;

But when these men with purpose wrong

Have run their little road along,

In spite of all you’ve done or said,

Then you’ll live on when they are dead

By  Walter Isenhour


And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.

Isaiah 54:13



Jennifer Van Allen

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