Tyranny of the Urgent

Prodigal:  What a beautiful rainbow!

Me:  I was so busy trying to get to the car I almost did not see it.

Prodigal:  Sometimes we need to just look up.

This is from the book Quest for Character by Charles Swindoll

Though we’ve promised ourselves and the Lord it would be different this year, many of us continue to wrestle with a stubborn, eight-armed octopus called “busy-ness.”  We continually find ourselves pushing too hard, going to fast, trying to do too much.  Am I right?  They “tyranny of the urgent”  has wrapped its powerful tentacles around yet another year, hasn’t it?  Even though you know that the secret of knowing God requires “being still”  (Psalm 46:10-the Hebrew says, Cease striving –let go, relax!), you’ve already started rationalizing your busy-ness.  By doing so, you have put the quest for character on hold.

Do you realize the dangers of a life without privacy?  Are you aware that a lack of time to be alone initiates spiritual disintegration?

I know you have plans that you think you cannot change, but the Lord is saying you need to change them so that you can be alone with Him.  Stop and be still.  It will be ok.  This is a time you need with the Lord.

Nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Luke 10:19

Jennifer Van Allen



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