Comfort Me

Prodigal: There is comfort in a rocking chair.

Me: Amen to that!

Isaiah 40:1

Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God. I read those words in my bible at work. Yes Lord, you call us toward your people.

These words were spoken from God’s prophet to His people Israel originally. He was repeating the commandment because the prophet wanted the people to understand what God was trying to show them. God wanted to be comfort to His people.

Have you seen someone’s heart who is hurting this week? If you left your house I know you have. The hurting heart has many looks. It appears as sadness, a cold stare, an aggressive word or the actions of rejection. Sometimes a person is vulnerable long enough to state out loud that they just need comfort. More often than not we have to wade thru the walls and deflections to determine what broke the heart in the first place.

This is what the world of counseling looks like. You may be physically making, improving or developing structures. I am finding hurting hearts. Some of you are dealing with the physical hearts. There are tests, blood work and appointments to make at an office or another physicians office. Or maybe your world is virtually. The computer you work on is always in front of you. It may have a graph or word document in front of you at all times. Who thinks about hearts when the world is so black and white in front of your eyes.

God uses us all. God has purpose in it all.

Today though as I begin to start sorting emotions, and pasts and spirits that are discouraged, my focus is on something else.

I need comfort for my heart. I need to cry out to the Lord. I need to know that the God of the impossible is there in this moment.

He shows up and let’s me know that I am more valuable than a sparrow. He lets me know that I do not have to do anything alone. There is not a step I took that I was alone. My steps have been with Him beside me.

Why God do I grow weary at times?

My child it is because you have ceased to look at me. You have forgotten the Love I have proclaimed over you from the minute you were in your mother’s womb. You have forgotten that my love is not conditioned on how well you perform. You have forgotten that I receive joy in just the unique person you are. You have forgotten how much my eyes are upon you.

I am sorry God…..

My child you are forgiven whenever you ask for it.

God you are amazing!

My child so are you!

God show others your love.

My child don’t you know that is what you are going to do today. People will know my love and they will see it in your spirit.

God I can’t do that alone.

My child, my spirit will show you the way.

God I’m ready.

My child so am I.

2 Corinthians 1:3

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort.

Jennifer Van Allen

8 Responses to Comfort Me

  1. We should always remember that we are never truly alone as Christians for He tells us He will never forsake us. Amen

  2. in twilight sleep
    amidst the chatter
    came the ‘still small voice’
    swirling to the surface….

    “you’re marvelous child, never stop questioning”

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