God Sent Us

Me: Tis the season to be jolly.

Prodigal: Also to remember what the season is about.

This is from the book The Cross of Christ by John R.W. Stott

For according to verse 10 the death of Christ was ‘the death of his Son’. If God has sent a man to us, as he had sent the prophets to Israel, we would have been grateful. If he had sent an angel, as he did to Mary at the annunciation, we would have counted it a great privilege. Yet in either case he would have sent us a third party, since men and angels are creatures of his making. But in sending his own Son, eternally begotten from his own Being, he was not sending a creature, a third party, but giving himself.

When you care, and when you love deeply. You go yourself. You address that person as intimately as you can. You want to be as close as you can to them. It means a great deal so you handle it yourself. This is what God did for us! God loved us on a personal level starting thousands of years ago. He has never stopped. He still loves you on a personal level today. Make this Christmas personal and about love.

Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

JOHN 3 : 7

Jennifer Van Allen



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