What Remains Standing?

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Prodigal: Howdy!

Me:  Nice flag and pretty seat.

Prodigal:  I am out eating and got this wonderful flag, how does it look?

Me:  It looks great and the fish just makes the seat, but I am standing and that brings me to this new story I read from a Billy Graham book called Peace with God.


The British and Foreign Bible Society was on Jerusalem Street, one of the main streets of Old Warsaw in World War II.  When the Germans began bombing the city, the wife of the director went to the storeroom and carried some 2,000 Bibles down to the basement.  She was trapped by the bombing and later captured by the Germans and put in a prison camp.  She managed to escape, and after the war managed to go to Jerusalem Street to check on the building.  When she approached the building and went to look around she found that the 2,000 bibles survived in the basement.  When she looked around the building above the basement and around the street she saw an amazing sight.  Warsaw was flattened including the buildings that covered Jerusalem Street.  On this street though one wall remained standing.  That wall was part of The British and Foreign Bible Society.  On that wall these words were painted in large letters:  Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away, But My Words Shall Not Pass Away.  This is Matthew 24:35.  She was then able to distribute them to people in need.

She was reading the words, Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away, on one standing wall in a street and city of destruction that was completely flattened.  The scripture had come alive right before her eyes because underneath the wall was 2,000 bible that had survived, bombs, fire, debris, and fighting.  If God put in his bible the verse My Words Shall Not Pass Away and demonstrates this in different stories through out time and with different people.  His words must really be important.  How do we treat these words?  Do we even know the words, or understand the words and figure out what these words might me in our own life?  This story Prodigal can be taken has a coincidence of course but how come the bible continues to be a Best Seller.  How come people still read his words everyday, crave his words, build values and die for these words?  I think there is some power in Gods word and let me say bye for now.  I just got a craving to read some of those powerful words.





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  1. Prodigal Pig is a great blog. Thanks for sending it to me. I really enjoy reading it. Thanks a lot Jennifer. Keep up the good fight for time is short and if we all do our share it makes the load a lot lighter.


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