Empathy in Servanthood

Prodigal: That was a real tear jerker.

Me: Sometimes we all need a tissue to help with the waterworks.

Prodial: And we need a friend to help us.

This is from the book Christian Caregiving: A Way of Life by Kenneth Haugk

When you empathize, the other person senses that you share his or her problems, but you have the all-important objectivity that enables you to communicate, “Let’s get out of this together.” With your empathy you firmly grasp the other person’s hand and help him or her through the quagmire back onto stable ground.

It has been difficult for you. You don’t always say it. You try to praise instead of complain. I see the somber way you stand and stare off in quiet times. Once again obedience has seemed to bring you to a lonely place.

This is only for a time. We walk by faith and trust in the Lord. We trust Him and with that trust we receive a peace. With the Lord, the loneliness turns to a time of resting. A peaceful time. Something that is a blessing while others are much too busy to notice.

The Lord knows and He wants you to enjoy this time of rest.

Psalm 89:1

I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.

Jennifer Van Allen



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