Muller’s Mustard Seed

Me: Well that is fine as a daisy.

Prodigal: Yes, I’m excited to find out all that is in this box.

Me: Remember to thank others.

Prodigal: I will.

This is from the book No Easy Road by Dick Eastman

One one occasion, Muller traveled to Canada for a speaking engagement. Dense fog settled upon the ocean and the uncertain vessel floated motionless on a silent sea. Soon Muller knocked anxiously on the captain’s door expressing, “I must be in Toronto by Sunday.” The captain quickly replied, “In no way can this vessel move without assuming great danger of colliding with another.”

“I understand,” said Mr. Muller, “but in forty years of Christian service I have not failed to keep an appointment. I must be in Toronto Sunday!” He then asked the captain to join in special prayer that the fog lift. Embarrassed, the captain agreed. They knelt and Muller calmly asked God to lift the hindering fog. Somewhat intimidated, the captain said a simple prayer to please his anxious passenger. He no sooner began when Muller stopped him. He gently touched the captain’s shoulder saying: “You need not pray. You do not believe.”

Startled, the seafarer rose to leave the cabin with this unusual passenger. Walking out on deck, a look of sheer astonishment spread over the captain’s face. The fog had completely lifted. George Muller silently stood by with a “just as I expected” look.

Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.

Habakkuk 2:4

Jennifer Van Allen

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